Reformat Richtext For – No More Manual Formatting

Are you annoyed at because your pasted article needs manual formatting? Then this is for you!

Paste you richtext to the input below to fix the formatting so it’s understood by Explanation at the end.


Formatted Text (Rich Text)

When pasting into a article, Medium does it’s own thing about how it interprets the richtext. It changes all tags H1 to H3 all become H1, H4 become H2 etc. People end up having to manually format the article that they pasted.

Time-consuming and very annoying. Medium should know better.

Anyway, the function above saves you the extra work of having to post-edit the article.

Just paste the richtext and it will give you a cleaner and Medium-adapted outputs. One as richtext (that you can copy-paste to Medium) and a second output that is the underlying HTML code. … You’re welcome! 😉