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Addressability: Thinking beyond tracking cookies

Online advertisers are really nervous lately over the slew of changes that could have an impact on their advertising ability. Many reek of fear.

Advertisers feared 3rd party cookies getting blocked, but that has more or less happened by now. Same with CCPA and GDPR.

Privacy and limitations that iOS14 will introduce on apps and browsers is getting most attention. … But few seem to understand it.

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Never reveal your producers to your clients

Some clients might be curious about who your producers are. For the sake of transparency, you might feel inclined to share this info.


Having great producers (or great middlemen) is absolute key for a successful e-commerce business!

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Don’t dismiss negative comments on ads – Learn from them!

Don’t be too hasty to delete comments people leave on your ads! It’s a fantastic way to learn about your prospects. Use the comments as basis to create informative content. You can use that content in TOF (top of funnel) as it will be directly tackling the feelings people might have.

Your prospect might have bad experiences that you can now cater too, i.e. you suddenly speak “their language”.