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FB ads: Learning and optimization – Insights, September 2021

I’ve dug really, really hard in Facebook ad data in the last 10 days or so. I have founds some really interesting things, most of which are bad.

The most general and broadly affecting is that Android is getting most of the total spend. In this post I list the details how and where this is happening.

Note to self

Note to self – Cheap, quality developers

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Facebook ads: Very “narrow” ad copy as audience filter

Average users don’t exist. When you are making something for this hypothetical average user you are not solving a problem for anyone particularly well. Your solution becomes bland, average, boring.” – Rory Sutherland, Ogilvy. I am paraphrasing, but he has been saying things like that.

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Should you use Facebook Lookalike (LLA) audiences based on old email lists? – Maybe!

Facebook Lookalike audiences (abbreviated as LLA or LAL) are a very powerful tool in Facebook advertising.

Lookalikes are great. But it’s important to not over-rely on them, especially for certain types of lookalikes.

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Stop using Google Tag Manager (GTM)!

In my (strong) opinion you should not use GTM at all. 😊

There are many various ad blockers. They are all different in the sense that they block to various efficiencies and using various blocklists.

Some native, some custom for them. Blocklists are just a massive list of “items” for them to monitor and block. But they also catch ads at various levels in the system.

Apple B***s***

It’s easier to dress like a warrior than going into actual battle

Apple hired Antonio García Martínez, and very quickly the “woke” staff at Apple decided that he was evil and had to go. All this because he had written a book that was not 100% perfectly inline with whatever butt-hurt ideology that people might have.

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Bias – A personal nemesis and marketing tool

This post is not about “cosmic energies”, “unicorns”, spirituality or mushrooms. It’s about a bunch of atoms trying to understand themselves (i.e. the brain). — I love psychology, I dislike when it’s repackaged into trendy nonsense.

Understanding myself has been one of the most important part of my personal development. It also allows me to understand people better and therefore also marketing.

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Facebook lookalike audiences do include the source audience! – How did I miss that?

I always assumed that a lookalike audience did not include the source audience, but I never found any explicit information about it. Seems like I was wrong.

According to Facebook themselves, lookalikes do include the source audience
According to Facebook themselves, lookalikes do include the source audience
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Bulk find and replace – Free and online (browser-based)

Sometimes you need to perform multiple find and replace on the same text. A few is fine, but doing, say, 50 find/replace manually in any text editor takes time. This page contains a functions that solves that.. (If I were you, I’d bookmark this page.)

Then function below performs multiple (or “bulk”) find and replace commands in one single process based on multiple find/replace pairs.

You don’t have to download or install anything. Everything runs in on your computer in your browser, via javascript. Nothing is sent to any server.

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Increase profitability in E-commerce and lead generation – How small changes in price can have a massive impact

Struggling with advertising profitability? What if there is nothing wrong with your marketing, but with your pricing?

I argue that pricing is the fastest way to affect the profitability of your business. How fast? Same day!