Austin Pena finally has a website – I’ve honestly been waiting for this for some time

I talk to Austin Pena (Oregon, USA) probably on a daily basis about online services and programming. Almost every conversation results in me learning something truly new.

Austin is really smart and loves to think! He does not get stuck in norms, nor expects perpetual status quos. This makes him interesting.

He also verifies his claims beforehand. This gives him true credibility.

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Research summaries – Real knowledge and factual insights in just a few minutes

I like facts. I read studies. Any claim without references is useless. It’s not necessarily wrong, it’s just that you don’t know if it is.

Blogs and newspapers often extract a small “juicy” detail and sensationalize it.  The truth is often “broader” and more nuanced.

This post is inspired by conversations with and dedicated to Emil N. With the eye of the tiger, he is bound to become a Norwegian marketing superstar!