Prominent AI scientists

Prominent AI Scientists are people who have made significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence. They have dedicated their time and energy to researching, developing, and teaching about this rapidly-growing area of technology. Contents: Yoshua Bengio Andrew Ng Geoffrey Hinton Fei-Fei Li Stuart Russell Demis Hassabis Yann LeCun J├╝rgen Schmidhuber Ruslan Salakhutdinov Maria-Florina Balcan […]

AI Productivity Research

Using AI To Find Scientifical Patterns and Produce Novel Conclusions

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a form of computer science that uses algorithms and data to make predictions. AI has been used for decades in many areas, including healthcare and finance. However, it is becoming increasingly popular for scientists and researchers to use AI to find scientific patterns and produce novel conclusions from those patterns. […]