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FB ads: Learning and optimization – Insights, September 2021

I’ve dug really, really hard in Facebook ad data in the last 10 days or so. I have founds some really interesting things, most of which are bad.

The most general and broadly affecting is that Android is getting most of the total spend. In this post I list the details how and where this is happening.

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Should you use Facebook Lookalike (LLA) audiences based on old email lists? – Maybe!

Facebook Lookalike audiences (abbreviated as LLA or LAL) are a very powerful tool in Facebook advertising.

Lookalikes are great. But it’s important to not over-rely on them, especially for certain types of lookalikes.

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Are conflicting pricing strategies ruining Facebook ads?

Running lower prices shows FB that “discount hunters” (Hunters) are the ones you want. That, in itself, is nothing new.

But Hunters are probably more likely to buy, as they are more triggered by discounts.

Meanwhile, high spenders (Spenders) care less about discounts, and the ad is less efficient on them.

This teaches FB to not only target Hunters more but also to IGNORE Spenders, as Spenders are less likely to convert.

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Would I subscribe to Hyros tracking service? — NO!

I want Hyros to be great, but I am not getting clear answers to very clear and detailed questions about what it really does.

90% of what is said is a sales pitch. Actually a sales script on repetition. Pitches are fine, but not if they constantly “kidnap” actual discussions.

All in all, I think Hyros is more of a reporting service, but the advertiser still needs to take manual actions on what to do with the data. And if the advertisers does not take action based on that data, nothing will change.

I have been pushing about this, quite hard, in multiple threads in relevant forums. The “closest” I have gotten is that “Hyros attributes based on the selected attribution model”. This, again, that’s about data being shown to the advertiser.

I have still not found information that clearly states it’s an attribution director.

As of now, I see no evidence that Hyros is doing what it claims.

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Addressability: Thinking beyond tracking cookies

Online advertisers are really nervous lately over the slew of changes that could have an impact on their advertising ability. Many reek of fear.

Advertisers feared 3rd party cookies getting blocked, but that has more or less happened by now. Same with CCPA and GDPR.

Privacy and limitations that iOS14 will introduce on apps and browsers is getting most attention. … But few seem to understand it.

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Using data-attributes avoid ad-blockers and restriction policies

Since I saw that Facebook pixel has started adding data attributes data-fbp-setting and data-fbc-setting in the HTML-tag I’ve been wondering about its purpose.

I think it has to do with the coming restrictions that iOS and Safari (webkit) will implement. But how would setting data attributes help?

How about a convergent point of data storage/communication to get around various limitations?

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7 days — Facebook’s new default attribution window and why others will follow

In the second half of 2020, Facebook announced that they will switch to 7 days as the default attribution window for their advertising platform.

I think this is more necessity than desire and all advertising platforms will follow. Google, Pinterest, native etc.

Those that won’t follow will have their 8d+ attribution capability  heavily affected.

ITP caps the expiry of all cookies created in JavaScript to 7 days and deletes all other script-writeable storage after 7 days of no user interaction with the website.
ITP caps the expiry of all cookies created in JavaScript to 7 days and deletes all other script-writeable storage after 7 days of no user interaction with the website.
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Hypocritical Bullshit: Facebook “speaking up” for SME against Apple’s coming iOS14 tracking restrictions

Soon Apple’s iOS14 will limit how much Facebook will be able to track users outside Facebook, which is crucial for Facebook’s ability to optimize the ad delivery and ultimately produce a high ROAS.

Now, Facebook runs with a narrative that they are actually “speaking up for small business”, in official statements and even full page newspaper ads.

Facebook speaking up against Apple's iOS14 coming restriction is bullshit
Facebook speaking up against Apple’s iOS14 coming restriction is bullshit.

This is just a PR stunt. Please, we are advertiser, not idiots.

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Why are clients harassing their ad agencies? — Because most agencies are charlatans!

As an ad agency, sometimes you will have clients that can’t stop bugging you to a point where it feels like harassment. They want constant communication which is often a direct or indirect display of mistrust, regardless of how great your service is.

There are very GOOD reasons to be that type of client.


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Unsplash is a free image source with high resolution and you can use it in your ads.