Hi! I’m Ken.

I started this blog in 2020. It is written for my own amusement and personal development. Writing helps me to process and crystalize my ideas.

I’m not looking to sell anything or promote myself. Having said that, if you really need help and if you can afford me I might help you.

I have a fairly* large experience in e-commerce, advertising, SEO, programming etc. This has allowed me to have multi-disciplinary perspectives, or as you might call it, the ability to TRULY think out of the box.

* I’m being humble. 

I’m always eager to learn and I tend to “break” things and take them to extremes to see what truly makes them tick.

I’m more interested in how things work, than if they work. This allows med to develop truly novel ideas. I like to think instead of following others.

A few core ideas that I like are Dunning-Kruger effect, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, statistical significance and cross-disciplinary creativity.

Things are in constant change, which is why every experience and insight you have is already aging at the moment you get them.

If you are looking shortcuts or “tricks”, this is not the blog for you.


If you want to sell something, I won’t buy it.

If you have some project you want me to join, I’m unlikely to be interested.

I’m not trying to be pompous, I’m just not interested in collaborations where I have all the skill and experience and the other party sits in a corner useless.


Some posts are dated in past to reflect when the topic or issue happened.


Contact me by email

BEFORE you send an email:

  1. Don’t ask for free help, not even to “take a quick look”.
  2. If you want my help, the fee is  $500/h  per started hour. Minimum fee is $500. Non-negotiable.
  3. If you want me to take a quick look at your problem, that’s $500.
  4. If I have pre-built software and/or methods (instructions, strategies etc) that would help you to solve your problem, you will be given a custom price.
  5. I will not provide references, case studies or show a portfolio. I will also never reveal you as client.
  6. The spam filter is aggressive, so keep it short and clean.

If you understand and agree to the above, you are welcome to email me at: