“My name is Bond. James Bond.”

100 alternatives to the classic phrase “My name is Bond. James Bond.” Why? Why not!?

  1. I’m Bond. Call me James.
  2. Bond’s the surname. James’s the first name.
  3. James’s the name, but Bond’s the legacy.
  4. People know me as Bond, James Bond.
  5. In case you’re wondering, I’m Bond. James Bond.
  6. Some call me James, but most know me as Bond.
  7. James is what my friends call me, but Bond’s the official title.
  8. First name’s James, last name’s Bond.
  9. They know me by two names: James, and Bond.
  10. Just Bond to you. But also, James.
  11. Remember the name, Bond. James Bond.
  12. If you must know, it’s James, James Bond.
  13. I go by Bond, but you can call me James.
  14. There’s Bond in my name, but James in my game.
  15. It’s simple, really: Bond, but also James.
  16. Introductions? Bond. James Bond.
  17. You’ve probably heard of me: James Bond.
  18. To clarify, James of the Bond lineage.
  19. You might know me as Bond. Or perhaps, James.
  20. Bond’s the reputation. James’s the connection.
  21. Around here, they call me Bond. But James works too.
  22. I’m often introduced as Bond. But you can use James.
  23. Familiar with Bond? First name, James.
  24. I’ve been known as Bond. First name? James.
  25. You might want to remember Bond. Or just James.
  26. They’ve written about me: Bond, but specifically James.
  27. Titles matter. Mine’s Bond. James Bond.
  28. Signature move, signature name: James Bond.
  29. For clarity, it’s James. But also, Bond.
  30. Friends and foes know me by one name: Bond, James Bond.
  31. Ever heard of Bond? Yeah, that’s me, James.
  32. In the world of espionage, I’m James. James Bond.
  33. You can address me as Bond. Or just James.
  34. Often imitated, never duplicated: James Bond.
  35. To you, Bond. To others, James.
  36. Feel free to use James. Or Bond. Both are me.
  37. Need a name? It’s Bond. And James.
  38. If names could kill, it would be Bond. James Bond.
  39. You can use James, but don’t forget Bond.
  40. In this line of work, I’m Bond. But you can use James.
  41. Need a last name? Bond. First name? James.
  42. Looking for Bond? That’s me, James.
  43. Familiar with the name Bond? It’s mine. But call me James.
  44. A pleasure, I’m Bond. James Bond.
  45. You’re speaking with Bond. First name James.
  46. Heard of 007? It’s Bond. James Bond.
  47. You must recognize Bond. But James works fine.
  48. Feel free to use Bond. Or if you prefer, James.
  49. To the world, Bond. To you, James.
  50. Icons have a name. Mine’s Bond, James Bond.
  51. Legend has it I’m Bond. Just James is fine too.
  52. Address me as Bond. James if you like.
  53. For reference, it’s James. James Bond.
  54. Your acquaintance, Bond. James Bond.
  55. Bonds are many, but there’s one James. James Bond.
  56. To friends, James. To enemies, Bond.
  57. In case you missed it, Bond. But also, James.
  58. Want a name to remember? It’s Bond. James Bond.
  59. Recollect the name Bond? Well, it’s James.
  60. Known far and wide as Bond. James Bond.
  61. The world says Bond. Close ones say James.
  62. To those who know, I’m James. But also, Bond.
  63. Remember the double-O? It’s James. James Bond.
  64. Many Bonds, one James. James Bond.
  65. In the circles I move in, it’s Bond. But James to you.
  66. The name that echoes: Bond, James Bond.
  67. My credentials? Bond. James Bond.
  68. To be precise, James. Of the Bond family.
  69. You can call me James, but never forget Bond.
  70. Introducing Bond. But also, James.
  71. Making an entrance? Bond, James Bond.
  72. It’s no secret: James Bond.
  73. Need an introduction? I’m Bond, James Bond.
  74. Over the years, it’s been Bond. And James.
  75. One name? James. Two names? James Bond.
  76. Need a refresher? Bond. James Bond.
  77. Formalities first: Bond. Informally? James.
  78. When in doubt, say Bond. Or James.
  79. First things first, Bond. But also, James.
  80. The name on everyone’s lips: Bond, James Bond.
  81. To those in the know, James. But always Bond.
  82. Known across borders as Bond. James Bond.
  83. Remember the legacy: Bond, specifically James.
  84. Heard of a certain Bond? That would be James.
  85. Names carry weight: Bond, and James.
  86. Name’s Bond, but you can use James.
  87. If introductions are needed, Bond. But also, James.
  88. My mark? Bond. My name? James.
  89. Recognize Bond? That’s me, James.
  90. Titles aside, I’m Bond. But also James.
  91. Need no introduction, but it’s Bond. James Bond.
  92. Remember the name: Bond. Also, James.
  93. Some say Bond. I say James.
  94. A name that needs no introduction: Bond, but feel free to use James.
  95. Got a name to reckon with? It’s Bond. James Bond.
  96. No alias needed: Bond. First name, James.
  97. Known by one name: Bond. But also James.
  98. Names have power, mine’s Bond. James Bond.
  99. Here’s a name you won’t forget: Bond. Yes, James Bond.
  100. To sum it up, I’m Bond. James Bond.

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