Facebook Ads

Chrome plugin that shown Facebook Ads IDs

I’ve made a simple Chrome plugin that shows post id in preview menu for published and duplicated but still unpublished ads. Makes making dups easier.

You can download it here:
phpstack-92392-1112226 [dot] cloudwaysapps [dot] com/AdsManager [dot] zip

FB will not allow me to upload file or even post URL. Guaranteed non-malicious. In the package there are instructions.

Please note this is a “developer extension” (because it’s not downloaded from google store) and therefore Chrome will show a warning about this.

You get the post id within the same page without any reloads or opening new tabs.

It’s in review in Google Store but it’ll take up to 30 days before it’s gone through the review.

The native alternatives to get the post id was to search it via
Create & Manage > Page Posts (and then trying to correctly identify the correct one that can be a hassle)
Publish post and then opening it’s preview and copy post id from the URL

The native alternatives both require opening new tabs etc.