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How to fix slow Facebook Ads Manager

Sometimes Facebook Ads Manager gets super slow.  Refresh won’t help. Neither soft refresh or hard refresh. This is my best solution to date to combat that:

Update 2021-02-16: This post assumes that your problems are not due a slow Internet connection and that FB’s servers are not down.

The solution – A dedicated browser

1. Install Brave browser and use it only for Ads Manager. Everything else, including your profile usage of Facebook, in your favorite browser, as long as it’s not Brave.

If you don’t know Brave, it’s created by Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and former CEO of Mozilla Corporation. Brave is focused on privacy. It will not track you and it actually limits lots of trackers that you didn’t even know existed.

2. If Ads Manager start to slow down, copy the URL, open a new tab (remember, this is in Brave), close all tabs and paste the copied URL in the empty tab.

What happens here is that you kill everything Facebook-related, and THEN run Ads Manager again.

You could also just restart Brave, but I prefer the tab thing because it keeps the window unchanged. Do NOT run in the new tab before the previous is killed.

Why this works – The FB ecosystem is affected

When Ads Manager get slow, it’s the browser/client side scripts that slow things down. FB does tons of things dynamically in the background.

FB scripts seem to affect everything within its ecosystem even between various tabs. Meaning, tracking pixels, Ads Manager, normal FB etc. So the way to kill an out-of-control script is to kill everything FB-related.

Now, since FB tracking pixel is used widely across websites, this means that all those websites are in that same ecosystem.

This is the reason to use a separate browser, so you don’t have to kill most of the sites that are open.

Brave browser is built on top of Chromium so it’s very similar to Google Chrome and even most of the extensions from Chrome work in Brave.

Try this. Really!

By the way, there is nothing special about running Ads Manager on Brave browser other than it’s uncluttered, does not try to change your computer settings, is privacy focused and works near identical to Chrome (which i normally use).

The similarity to Chrome also means that whatever optimization FB does for Chrome is likely to work well for Brave too, as oppose to some other obscure browser.

I do almost no resets after switching to the method above. I made one reset maybe a week ago, but that was due to the “overlapping fragment” issue, which seems to happen more often if you have multiple tabs open with Ads Manager. In my case i was parallel ongoing uploads in Ads Manager (in Brave) from multiple tabs.

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So, what you’re trying to say is, Brave Browser allows to clean all data related from a whole website, as business facebook system?
So it would make the new tab work better and faster than before?

Actually, any browser can do this. The good thing about Brave is that it has lots of restrictions so it’s a good choice of browser for something as sensitive Ads Manager.

The core of it all is that you can shut down all tabs containing anything FB-related, including pixels and scripts from Facebook that runs on other websites. Basically all websites that advertise on Facebook have FB scripts (tracking) running on them. So to truly kill everything FB, you’d need to close all tabs.

However, since it’s only Ads Manager that get slow, it’s a hassle to having to close all tabs just to fix a slow Ads Manager. (It’s easier to assume that all websites have FB tracking than to check it manually, this is why I say “close all tabs”.)

However, issues are isolated to a browser.

If you get runaway scripts that ruin performance in Chrome, it does NOT affect what is happening in Brave.

So, a slow Ads Manager in Chrome does not affect anything in Brave. They are completely separated.

By running all your websites (including recreational usage of Facebook) in Chrome and running only Ads Manager in Brave you can kill runaways FB scripts (that make Ads Manager slow) without having to close any tabs in Chrome.

You could of course use only one browser for everything, say Chrome, but if Ads Manager cause issues you’d need to kill all tabs, not only Ads Manager. — This usually leads to a reluctance to do so.

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