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Why are clients harassing their ad agencies? — Because most agencies are charlatans!

As an ad agency, sometimes you will have clients that can’t stop bugging you to a point where it feels like harassment. They want constant communication which is often a direct or indirect display of mistrust, regardless of how great your service is.

There are very GOOD reasons to be that type of client.

I’ve been a client like this to my previous ad buyer (or agent, if you prefer).

As a client, the problem is that you never know who is honest and who is dubious and scammy. There are tons of ad agencies that are not really putting in the effort that they should.

In my opinion, most agencies are really bad. They often pose as experienced and knowledgeable but are actually beginners themselves.

Join an ad agency community and you’ll be amazed. Many are just is looking for the next “trick” that will allow them to spend almost no time but reap the benefits.

Just because you call yourself an ad agencies does not make you one.

Agencies get paid. It’s a binary and absolute metric for whether the client has compensated the agency as promised. The clients have no such absolute metric, they have to trust that agencies are doing their job properly.

That ROAS 4, they might have gotten it with default setup and auto-bid in Facebook ads. What have you truly brought to the table?

Advertisers know that Facebook ads during Q4 2020 was really problematic, with escalating CPM and crashing ROAS. But the client probably don’t see it as a Facebook issue, they see it as YOUR responsibility to deal with it.

My ad buyer had seemingly massive and detailed knowledge. He was eventually caught for lying and scamming. If I hadn’t been pushy and demand constant communication I would still be with that deadbeat.

After I took over, my revenue tripled. Why? Because I actually put the effort into it. I actually learnt a lot from the previous ad buyer. What he said all sounded great expect that it didn’t happen.

Again, there is NO WAY for your client TO KNOW if you are a talker or a doer. They will sound the same. Worth remembering, “con man” is short for “confidence man”.

A very common scenario is that service companies are great to begin with but ruin it by acquiring too many clients. Maybe this is why your client is bugging you. Or maybe you have actually become worse but you are too stressed and overwhelmed with new clients to notice.

Instead of “why are they bugging me”, think “why should they trust me and my abilities”. Their behaviour can also be interpreted as “cares immensely about his/her business”, especially during these times.

With this in mind, maybe you should have a down to earth chat with your client. Talk about trust and how you can go forward. Maybe there are issues in their minds that you don’t even know about. Listen to them, don’t brush their worries off.

Maybe they don’t understand the process of an initial couple of months that the agency needs to learn. Maybe they mistakenly think that ads should be profitable from day one.

Of course, if the client is still unreasonable, keep in mind that no client is irreplaceable… but the same goes for ad agencies.


Side note, there are studies showing that demanding clients do actually get better service.

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