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Force Pinterest App to open links in system browser

First of all, I want Pinterest to be awesome. But their built-in browser is simply not. Any harshness below is mean as a constructive wake-up call.

I would not really complain, except that the functionality problems that I describe below affect paid Pinterest ads too.

The problems with Pinterest inappbrowser (built-in) and what i want instead.
The problems with Pinterest inappbrowser (built-in) and what i want instead. Click image to zoom.

Pinterest, if you are reading this, please fix this! I’ve sent you a much more detailed email.

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Pinterest in-app browser is really… “not good”

In the Pinterest app, the ads are opened in Pinterest’s own built-in browser, lets call it “PB”.

I’m sorry to say but the PB is really NOT good!

 Pinterest in-app browser has distracting buttons
Pinterest in-app browser has distracting buttons.

The PB injects buttons under the viewport. It’s distracting and it competes with CTAs in the website. It also limits the size of the viewport. On Android, one of the buttons at the bottom is bright red.

Pinterest ads

3rd party ads manager for Pinterest

I’m finding Pinterest ads manager really damn buggy and annoying. The majority of the time goes to mitigate buggy behaviour.

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Do FB/IG DC winners usually work well on other platforms?

If you have great performing ads on Facebook and Instagram from dynamic create (DC), will they usually be great on other platforms as well? Say, on Pinterest, Native, AdWords, email campaigns etc.

Ad bidding Pinterest ads

Pinterest ads — Major confusion about bids

After spending $700 on Pinterest ads I’ve gotten 2 conversions which might be from organic clicks because Pinterest is not reporting any conversions. I’m really confused about several things, especially #4.