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Should you use Facebook Lookalike (LLA) audiences based on old email lists? – Maybe!

Facebook Lookalike audiences (abbreviated as LLA or LAL) are a very powerful tool in Facebook advertising.

Lookalikes are great. But it’s important to not over-rely on them, especially for certain types of lookalikes.

Marketing Psychology

Bias – A personal nemesis and marketing tool

This post is not about “cosmic energies”, “unicorns”, spirituality or mushrooms. It’s about a bunch of atoms trying to understand themselves (i.e. the brain). — I love psychology, I dislike when it’s repackaged into trendy nonsense.

Understanding myself has been one of the most important part of my personal development. It also allows me to understand people better and therefore also marketing.

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Increase profitability in E-commerce and lead generation – How small changes in price can have a massive impact

Struggling with advertising profitability? What if there is nothing wrong with your marketing, but with your pricing?

I argue that pricing is the fastest way to affect the profitability of your business. How fast? Same day!


“Vultures never get a full meal”

Great quote!

Thanks, Austin.

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Would I subscribe to Hyros tracking service? — NO!

I want Hyros to be great, but I am not getting clear answers to very clear and detailed questions about what it really does.

90% of what is said is a sales pitch. Actually a sales script on repetition. Pitches are fine, but not if they constantly “kidnap” actual discussions.

All in all, I think Hyros is more of a reporting service, but the advertiser still needs to take manual actions on what to do with the data. And if the advertisers does not take action based on that data, nothing will change.

I have been pushing about this, quite hard, in multiple threads in relevant forums. The “closest” I have gotten is that “Hyros attributes based on the selected attribution model”. This, again, that’s about data being shown to the advertiser.

I have still not found information that clearly states it’s an attribution director.

As of now, I see no evidence that Hyros is doing what it claims.

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Ultra-fast WordPress with full-page CDN cache – With full bypass for logged-in users and admin

CDN seems under-used on WordPress. As soon as any content is related to being logged in as admin or any other type of user, people seem to just skip CDN. Too bad…

Small admin-related elements make people skip full-page CDN.
Small admin-related elements make people skip full-page CDN.

Most people that visit your WordPress website are just “guests”. They will neither register nor comment. They would greatly benefit from having everything served from CDN.

Do we have to abandon full-page CDN cache due to small details that only a few see? Of course not! =)

The following is my method consisting of custom HTTP headers and CDN rules to make WordPress very fast. As insinuated above, this will speed up things for users that are not logged in, which is almost everyone.

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Content personalization affects your perception of reality – And that’s really bad!

Imagine this: Depending on what kind of music and movies your child like, they will be taught different things school. On an individual level.

You’d probably object! After all, you want your child to learn fact.

However, the above is happening to you. Every day.

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Addressability: Thinking beyond tracking cookies

Online advertisers are really nervous lately over the slew of changes that could have an impact on their advertising ability. Many reek of fear.

Advertisers feared 3rd party cookies getting blocked, but that has more or less happened by now. Same with CCPA and GDPR.

Privacy and limitations that iOS14 will introduce on apps and browsers is getting most attention. … But few seem to understand it.

Marketing Psychology

Cart abandonment: Don’t trust what your clients say

There are tons of claims and studies about why clients abandon their shopping cart. An abandoned cart means that a client added at least one item to their cart but did not end up buying.

Data collection is often done via questionnaires or interviews. I got a big problem what that. (Psychologists do too.)


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