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Facebook lookalike audiences do include the source audience! – How did I miss that?

I always assumed that a lookalike audience did not include the source audience, but I never found any explicit information about it. Seems like I was wrong.

According to Facebook themselves, lookalikes do include the source audience
According to Facebook themselves, lookalikes do include the source audience
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UTM and beyond in online advertising – For better tracking and to avoid losing critical data

In online marketing, having reliable tracking data is crucial to optimize your efforts. You don’t want to lose data or have it overridden with something misleading. This is especially important for cross-platform advertising and omnichannel communication.

UTM-parameters are used to help to track and classify website traffic. Actually, to be more precise, for the purpose of knowing where the traffic is coming from.

The great thing with UTM-parameters is that everyone are using it, but that is also the problem!

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How Facebook, Google and other trackers “fingerprint” users — A basic explanation

Tracking services “fingerprint” users by looking at various data and method available. The most reliable that Facebook use is appending the fbclid parameter to all outgoing links on Facebook. It looks something like this:…

Worth adding is that Facebook, Google etc are not restricting these methods to ads only. They do this on everything they can.

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Using data-attributes avoid ad-blockers and restriction policies

Since I saw that Facebook pixel has started adding data attributes data-fbp-setting and data-fbc-setting in the HTML-tag I’ve been wondering about its purpose.

I think it has to do with the coming restrictions that iOS and Safari (webkit) will implement. But how would setting data attributes help?

How about a convergent point of data storage/communication to get around various limitations?

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7 days — Facebook’s new default attribution window and why others will follow

In the second half of 2020, Facebook announced that they will switch to 7 days as the default attribution window for their advertising platform.

I think this is more necessity than desire and all advertising platforms will follow. Google, Pinterest, native etc.

Those that won’t follow will have their 8d+ attribution capability  heavily affected.

ITP caps the expiry of all cookies created in JavaScript to 7 days and deletes all other script-writeable storage after 7 days of no user interaction with the website.
ITP caps the expiry of all cookies created in JavaScript to 7 days and deletes all other script-writeable storage after 7 days of no user interaction with the website.
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Facebook ad tracking: data-fbp-setting and data-fbc-setting

Facebook seems to be experimenting with something new. Two data-attributes are now injected into the HTML-tag on websites that use the Facebook pixel:

  • data-fbp-setting
  • data-fbc-setting

I suspect this is used for data transport to get around same-origin policies for localStorage, which could be described as a “safer” alternative to cookies that can also hold about 1000x more data.

The syntax is as follows.

<html data-fbp-setting=”fb.1.nnnnnnnnnnnnn.nnnnnnnnn” data-fbc-setting=”fb.1.nnnnnnnnnnnnn.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” …>

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Hypocritical Bullshit: Facebook “speaking up” for SME against Apple’s coming iOS14 tracking restrictions

Soon Apple’s iOS14 will limit how much Facebook will be able to track users outside Facebook, which is crucial for Facebook’s ability to optimize the ad delivery and ultimately produce a high ROAS.

Now, Facebook runs with a narrative that they are actually “speaking up for small business”, in official statements and even full page newspaper ads.

Facebook speaking up against Apple's iOS14 coming restriction is bullshit
Facebook speaking up against Apple’s iOS14 coming restriction is bullshit.

This is just a PR stunt. Please, we are advertiser, not idiots.

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Products from Facebook page shop seemingly getting free boost

I’m starting to see items from Facebook catalog with message “[Page name] added an item to their shop” in feed seemingly for free, since maybe a week ago.

The products shown vary.

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Loop short videos for more engagement and viewing time on Facebook

It seems that looping a short video file can increase engagement in Facebook posts.

Note: These are my stats and conclusions. I might be wrong.

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The importance of 1-min views in Facebook

Is this something new?

“1-minute views ais the metric that’s having the biggest effect on your distribution.”