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Ultra-fast WordPress with full-page CDN cache – With full bypass for logged-in users and admin

CDN seems under-used on WordPress. As soon as any content is related to being logged in as admin or any other type of user, people seem to just skip CDN. Too bad…

Small admin-related elements make people skip full-page CDN.
Small admin-related elements make people skip full-page CDN.

Most people that visit your WordPress website are just “guests”. They will neither register nor comment. They would greatly benefit from having everything served from CDN.

Do we have to abandon full-page CDN cache due to small details that only a few see? Of course not! =)

The following is my method consisting of custom HTTP headers and CDN rules to make WordPress very fast. As insinuated above, this will speed up things for users that are not logged in, which is almost everyone.

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StackPath CDN – Just a bit of praise

In the world of CDN CloudFlare, Fastly and Akamai are known names. Very compact and simplified, they are known for price/free account, top notch Edge computing, and shear market dominance respectively.

I was recommended StackPath recently. What I instantly fell in love with was the 24/7 chat support that you get access to after registration but even before paying anything.