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It’s easier to dress like a warrior than going into actual battle

Apple hired Antonio García Martínez, and very quickly the “woke” staff at Apple decided that he was evil and had to go. All this because he had written a book that was not 100% perfectly inline with whatever butt-hurt ideology that people might have.

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Apple Store: What pants are you wearing? Tell us or we won’t help you!

If Apple cares so much about user privacy, why do staff in a physical Apple Store collect data about how I look and how I dress?

This happened to me. I came in with a warranty claim and they started to fill out a form on their iPad which, among other things, included what kind pants I was wearing.

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Apple’s Beats Pro don’t work with Android – Don’t believe claims that they do

Beats Pro over-ear hook headphones are for iPhone only!

Don’t believe online reviews. They just cite Apple, but they never actually test on Android.

Apple openly claim, including on the product box, that these headphones support Android. They don’t!

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Using data-attributes avoid ad-blockers and restriction policies

Since I saw that Facebook pixel has started adding data attributes data-fbp-setting and data-fbc-setting in the HTML-tag I’ve been wondering about its purpose.

I think it has to do with the coming restrictions that iOS and Safari (webkit) will implement. But how would setting data attributes help?

How about a convergent point of data storage/communication to get around various limitations?

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7 days — Facebook’s new default attribution window and why others will follow

In the second half of 2020, Facebook announced that they will switch to 7 days as the default attribution window for their advertising platform.

I think this is more necessity than desire and all advertising platforms will follow. Google, Pinterest, native etc.

Those that won’t follow will have their 8d+ attribution capability  heavily affected.

ITP caps the expiry of all cookies created in JavaScript to 7 days and deletes all other script-writeable storage after 7 days of no user interaction with the website.
ITP caps the expiry of all cookies created in JavaScript to 7 days and deletes all other script-writeable storage after 7 days of no user interaction with the website.
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Bypassing iOS14 Facebook tracking restrictions

There is a need for detailed, technical and advanced description of how iOS14 is intend to restrict Facebook tracking. The methods, data types, scenarios, user stories etc. The more advanced the better.

I think that programmers, myself included, want to dig into how it’s possible to mitigate the restrictions to some degree.

I suspect that the main issues is that Apple is attacking the general and most broadly used implementation of Facebook tracking. Any specialized and highly custom solutions are likely to be very hard for Apple to restrict. I mention some potential solutions later on.

Are you thinking “LOL, you can’t get around that stuff”? Do understand that the restrictions in iOS14 will be a balance between restriction strictness and retained functionality.

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Hypocritical Bullshit: Facebook “speaking up” for SME against Apple’s coming iOS14 tracking restrictions

Soon Apple’s iOS14 will limit how much Facebook will be able to track users outside Facebook, which is crucial for Facebook’s ability to optimize the ad delivery and ultimately produce a high ROAS.

Now, Facebook runs with a narrative that they are actually “speaking up for small business”, in official statements and even full page newspaper ads.

Facebook speaking up against Apple's iOS14 coming restriction is bullshit
Facebook speaking up against Apple’s iOS14 coming restriction is bullshit.

This is just a PR stunt. Please, we are advertiser, not idiots.