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Don’t dismiss negative comments on ads – Learn from them!

Don’t be too hasty to delete comments people leave on your ads! It’s a fantastic way to learn about your prospects. Use the comments as basis to create informative content. You can use that content in TOF (top of funnel) as it will be directly tackling the feelings people might have.

Your prospect might have bad experiences that you can now cater too, i.e. you suddenly speak “their language”.

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Machine Learning (“AI”) ad creation — Do tools like that exists?

I use “AI” in the header because many mistake machine learning (ML) for AI. If you don’t know the difference between ML and AI then just read “ML” as “AI” in the text below.

It seems to me that there is an opportunity for ML tools. I fully understand that testing beats everything, but often creating ads is a hassle. There is simply no way that we are able to predict a “best ads”.

Mass creation of widely different ads and THEN testing would seem a surer way to find gold nuggets, preferably with machine learned data to support it.